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Belvoir Bakery

Cookies, Cookiedough and Cakes

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At Belvoir Bakery, we take great pride in creating a delicious assortment of cookies and cakes that are baked fresh every day by our expert bakers. We use only the finest ingredients to create a variety of different products, and our selection is rotated regularly to keep things fresh and exciting.

One of our most popular cookie flavors is the classic oat and raisin. Made with wholesome oats, plump raisins, and just the right amount of sweetness, these cookies are the perfect treat for any time of day.

Our raspberry cherry and almond slices are another customer favorite. These delicate slices are made with layers of buttery pastry, sweet raspberry jam, and tart cherries, topped with crunchy almonds for a satisfying crunch.

And for those who can't get enough cookie goodness, our cookie dough stacks are the ultimate indulgence. These stacks of raw cookie dough are layered with creamy frosting and topped with a variety of sweet toppings, making them the perfect choice for anyone with a serious sweet tooth.

In addition to our popular products, we also offer a variety of other cookies and cakes that are rotated regularly. From classic chocolate chip cookies to rich chocolate cakes and fruity tarts, there's something for every taste and preference at Belvoir Bakery.

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